Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Life of Christian Catholicism

For those of us who are unfamiliar with the Catholic monastic tradition, this film will introduce you to this most demanding of vocations.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Getting Inside the OODA Loop of History

What Is the OODA Loop?

One of the core concepts drilled into us at the Air Force Academy was the OODA loop. Codified by Colonel John Boyd, USAF, the OODA loop is a simple decision-making flowchart. The process is as follows:
  • Observe - Perceive information for processing, and be in a position that allows you to perceive.
  • Orient - Re-make your mental model to correspond to the new information.
  • Decide - Take the best guess on which mental model is most applicable and be resolved to act based on that mental model.
  • Act - Carry out what you decided on and observe the outcome. Adjust your mental model accordingly.

All decision-making, consciously or not, follows this pattern. The advantage of knowing the OODA loop is that it allows you to understand your enemy's decision-making process, which allows you to prevent them from making good decisions. A good example of this advantage comes from Boyd's Air Force experience:

In the skies above Korea, North Korean and Chinese fighter pilots in Soviet-made MiG-15 planes were no match for their American counterparts, who flew F-86 Sabre jets , from 1951 to 1953. Colonel John Boyd dedicated the subsequent thirty-five years to analyzing reasons for the Americans success, and his groundbreaking theories brought considerable emphasis to relative decision-making speed as a key determinant of success in combat.
Despite the Soviet-made aircraft s superior capabilities in turning, climbing, and acceleration, American pilots shot down ten MiG-15s for every F-86 lost. The Americans achieved this impressive kill ratio by adjusting their aerial tactics to exploit the two key advantages that the F-86 enjoyed relative to the MiG-15: visibility and responsiveness. First, the F-86 s bubble canopy afforded its pilot an unobstructed view in nearly every direction, whereas the MiG-15 s canopy sacrificed the pilot s field of vision for superior aerodynamics and performance. Second, the F-86 s fully powered hydraulic flight controls, which were highly sensitive to the pilot s inputs, required far less physical and mental exertion during aerial maneuvers than did the MiG-15 s hydraulically boosted mechanical flight controls, thereby allowing faster execution and sequencing of actions as the combat unfolded.
Together a better field of vision and a more responsive set of flight controls enabled the F-86 pilot to transition more quickly and more effortlessly between individual maneuvers, and American pilots engaged the MiG-15s with a series of sudden, quick moves to which the MiG-15s could not respond. For example, if a MiG-15 were pursuing an F-86 and the F-86 started a turn in one direction and then quickly reversed its move, the MiG-15 would not be able to follow without falling slightly behind in the chase. As this series of moves and counter-moves repeated, the MiG-15 would fall farther and farther behind in time until the F-86 assumed the firing position (behind or perpendicular to the MiG-15) and shot the MiG-15 down. [source]

Making your enemy hang on a particular stage of the OODA loop, either due to your unpredictability or their slow decision-making pace, gives you control of the conflict. You can exert your will much more easily when your enemy can never take effective action against you.

What does this have to do with us?

Western civilization has been on the losing end of the OODA loop for a long time. We have been attacked at all stages of our collective decision-making process.


In the past, we have been pegged in place at the Observation stage. Flooded with false information and obscured truth, we could not form a proper mental model to act upon. A corrupt media and academic system has been at the center of this. To be sure, there have always been enterprising souls dedicated to uncovering truth, but the vast majority do not. They get their entire worldview from what is presented to them, and when the only channels of information they see are controlled by the enemies of the West, there's little hope for effective action or accurate mental models.

Fortunately, we have the internet. The ability to access information without reference to the editors and professors is a massive advantage. Mainstream sources are struggling to maintain a monopoly on information, and although not everything you read on the web is true, there is at least a lot more information to observe, and much of it is outside the control of our enemies. There's a lot to dig through, but at least now there's a better chance of finding truth.

Our enemies in the media and academia are still trying to regain control of the flow of information. This gives us a very unique advantage. The open internet has made them focus on trying to regain their old monopoly. Their mental model is out of date. While they're tightening their grasp, more and more minds slip through their fingers. We need to keep being an easy transition for the masses that they have let slip away. 

Orientation & Decision

We are good at re-making our mental models. Perhaps too good. We have theories for everything, and we come up with a huge number of them. The is probably no precedent for the sheer volume of mental models a society has come up with in such a short amount of time. 

Think I'm wrong?

We are constantly milling about in the decision phase, completely unable to make up our collective minds. This is in part due to processing the flood of information.

We need to have the need, the desire, the drive to make something happen. If we don't have a mental model that accurately matches up with our situation, our decisions are going to be wrong. But if we never make a decision because we want a better picture of what's going on, a better philosophy, we're never going to act at all. Better to act on a decent plan now than on a perfect plan later. If we act now, we'll at least have time to re-adjust.

To emphasize this, consider the following:

“What would you do if a guy with a gun came in through that door?” 
Me: “Uhhh….”
“You’re dead. You got stuck in the orientation step. You need to have a plan that you know is good enough to work in that situation and implement it immediately. Remember, you have to finish your Loop before the bad guy finishes his.” [source]

I see this decision-making seizure resolving itself in two ways. First, strong leaders a la Trump serve as rallying points. Their will is carried out because they demand obedience to themselves first, and policy second. Second, identity politics will force ideological nuances into the background. When you are being gunned down in the streets because you're white, you're going to have a lot easier time acting as a unit with other whites. Blacks and muslims already act as a unit because their group identity is stronger than in-group differences. Group identity will prevail until tensions settle down. If tensions go on long enough, the established group identity may lead to a unified ideology as well.


Few of us ever get to this stage as individuals; we certainly don't as a group. That being said, there's a stronger sense that the time for talk is closing. The various meetups such as Roosh's Return of Kings groups and the Daily Stormer book clubs have gone a long way towards taking real-life action. When you develop connections face-to-face, you're no longer just dealing with ideas.

When events force us to make a decision, we'll see how our actions play out. Already, Trump and the Alt-right has caught the establishment off balance, and that's with some very minor actions. A few memes and rallies and the enemy panics. This is good. If we can have this sort of upset with the amount of internal disarray we have, our future actions are going to be that much more effective.


We have shown that the enemy is vulnerable through their delayed over-reaction to our media independence and public antics. We are already inside their OODA loop, where they are constantly reacting to the new situation we make. They don't know how to deal with us, and it's a good idea to keep them that way.

That being said, we are in internal disarray. We do not have a united mental model to make collective decisions on. This will have to change, most likely through a strong leader or the need for identity politics to stay safe.

Now that the Alt-right is in the media spotlight, they will probably take advantage of our disarray. Aspiring leaders will be outed. Distrust will be sown. Shills will be shills. They will also take advantage of our desire to unify and act too quickly, though how that plays out is yet to be seen.

To stay inside of the OODA loop, we need to be vigilant about the changing battlefield. If the establishment is smart, it won't treat us the same way it has in the past. They know their standard playbook no longer works. We need to keep our eyes open for new methods used against us.

Likewise, we need to keep trying new tactics. We've been great at the meme war and winning over the dark corners of the internet where the disaffected naturally dwell. Where do we go from here? If we're not trying new things, it's only a matter of time before the enemies of our civilization are putting us back on the defensive.

Let's keep up the attack.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Remake Yourself

"Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor."
Alexis Carrel

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Grab 'em

By now you've probably heard of the latest round of Trump comments that shock the sensitivities of the middle-class cat ladies. If not, see it here.

The entire media spectacle about it reminded me of the scene from the German film "Look Who's Back", where Adolf Hitler returns to modern Germany and begins winning over the soul of the country. He rallies a lot of media coverage and popular appeal, at least until the time were he is filmed shooting a puppy. Immediately, his public support is gone. He talked about Jews, great. He talked about degeneracy, great. There were even a number of candid scenes with the actual German population where they expressed admiration and longing for the Führer. But shooting a dog, no that's too much.

So let's get ourselves overrun with third-world hordes and spark a nuclear war with Russia; We can't offend the sensitivities of the cat ladies.

If you haven't heard lately, universal voting rights are stupid.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Political Hail Mary

I can't wait for things to get spicy. Trump is white america's Hail Mary; if he fails, there will no longer be any illusion of a political solution.

Quote of the day from The Daily Stormer:

Of course, if we’re going to go the political route, we must be presentable to a certain extent. But if Trump loses, so goes the option of the political route, and we will be looking toward other methods, all of which do not require the same presentation as the political route. 

 Think about getting your loved ones one of these fine Christmas gifts.

And about that Hail Mary, you better start praying them for real. If you already do, pray more for the people who don't. Learn how to pray it here.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Why it Doesn't Matter if Donald Trump is Doomed to Fail

Aaron Clarey is right about the limited chance of success that Donald Trump would have even if he is elected. He will face a stonewalling congress, a hostile media, financial collapse, and the rest of the issues that come out of the beltway. The political tools he has at his disposal aren't up to the task. His policies will be watered down to nothing.
Given the problems he faces, why should we have any hope?

Because Trump is winning the cultural battle, and politics is downstream of culture. The presidency is largely irrelevant.

He fights the cultural battle through tribalism and militancy. Past conservative leaders have focused on policy and ideology; trump focuses on national identity. And while the left has a maginot line around public policy, Trump and the alt-right skirts around their defenses by making people aware of their identity. Every other group already lives off of tribal loyalty. Blacks do. Jews do. Muslims do. Whites, thanks to Trump, are beginning to. An ideologically-driven group won't stand the collapse. An identity-driven group might.

Tribalism also reframes globalist leftism: They aren't merely those we disagree with about ideology, they're traitors working for the death of our people. Which is a stronger response?

Second, Trump has inspired conservative militancy. The days of "let's just talk it out" rhetoric are gone. As Aaron said, we're in for some tough times, Trump or not. The daily BLM, jihadi, and liberal attacks all signal that the time for pleasantries is over. Trumps rhetoric has shifted the Overton window on militant speech and allows us to talk openly about the coming tribal conflicts and what needs to be done to survive. If we can't talk about it, we won't win. Trump has given us the room to talk about our own survival.

This is no excuse to say that Trump will make everything better. He probably can't stop the collapse, but he has made people understand that their back is up against the wall. I'd much rather go into hard times knowing that many of my fellow countrymen want to fight for the survival of the race.

I don't think many Trump supporters think he can single-handedly prevent a collapse. He may, however, redraw the cultural map to ensure we come out alive at the other end. In fact, Trump already has. Even if he never does a single thing as president, his greatest work has already been done. We are beginning to think militantly and tribally. He's won before even taking office.

Make America Great Again!