Thursday, November 17, 2016

Copypasta for normies who hate on the alt-right

Now that our little corner of the world has been under the scrutiny of the mainstream media, the hordes of normies told to hate us have mustered their armies on the horizon. Scouts have been seen posting about us on soccer mom facebook accounts.

To combat this rising threat, I present to you the following copypasta. Spread this wherever normies are going off about the alt-right, especially when they use strawman arguments.

Without further ado:

Not too long ago, one of the worst pejoratives one could level in polite company was 'TEA PARTY.'
Of course, most folks who used the term weren't 100% sure what 'tea party' meant, but what they 'knew' was that 'tea party' was REALLY, REALLY BAD. After all, the talking heads on their telescreens told them, over and over and over again, that the 'tea party' was horrible, racist, bigoted and against all that was right, good and forward-thinking.
It wasn't any of those things, of course, but when have the facts ever gotten in the way of the media?
I was one of the Founders of the modern tea party movement, and should know as well as anyone, but I'd be hard-pressed to define the metes and bounds of 'tea party.'
Apparently, the "elites" have decided that the 'tea party' is no longer the primary threat to their power.
The "elites" now have a new bogeyman. It's called 'ALT-RIGHT.'
So, what is 'alt-right,' exactly?
Well, no one really knows...but whatever it is, you're supposed to know it's REALLY, REALLY BAD (at least, according to the "elites." Sound familiar?)
From what I can discern:
If you read and enjoy, that can be considered an indicator that you are 'alt-right.'
If you support Donald Trump, that can be considered an indicator that you are 'alt-right.'
If you believe in American Exceptionalism, that can be considered an indicator that you are 'alt-right.'
If you oppose Neocon interventionist foreign policy, that can be considered an indicator that you are 'alt-right.'
If you believe in the superiority of Western Civilization, that can be considered an indicator that you are 'alt-right.'
If you are a nativist (i.e., you prioritize the well-being of the United States and its citizens,) that can be considered an indicator that you are 'alt-right.'
If you strongly oppose illegal immigration, that can be considered an indicator that you are 'alt-right.'
If you are very concerned about the rise of Islamism and Islamic terrorism in the world, that can be considered an indicator that you are 'alt-right.'
If you are a culturalist (i.e., you believe cultural ideas and patterns held by groups determine their level of success) that can be considered an indicator that you are 'alt-right.'
If you oppose multiculturalism (i.e., the obviously wrong idea that all cultures are equal and deserve equal respect,) that can be considered an indicator that you are 'alt-right.'
If you oppose political correctness, speech codes, safe spaces and trigger warnings, that can be considered an indicator that you are 'alt-right.'
If you oppose modern ("third wave") feminism that can be considered an indicator that you are 'alt-right.'
If you mock social justice warriors, that can be considered an indicator that you are 'alt-right.'
So, when you hear someone attacked as being 'alt-right,' keep in mind that no one really knows what 'alt-right' means. There is no 'leader' of alt-right, and no membership list. There is no official manifesto, statement of principles, or platform. Saying someone as 'alt-right' could mean any of the above things, or something else. 'Alt-right' seems to have replaced 'tea party' as the new catch-all term for being against whatever the "elites" have decided is good for you. ~ Ken Emanuelson

Monday, November 14, 2016

The Faustian Spirit

If you're not improving your mind, your body, and your virtue, you're wrong.

Fix it now.

Death waits for no man.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Feminist Freakout

By now, you've probably seen reports of various leftists having convulsions. Mental trauma reports everywhere. More salt than the Dead Sea.


Because leftists have a social hierarchy based on how much pity they can command.

When they are publicly humiliated by being denied the highest social rank in the nation, they double down on the only thing they know how to do to do to regain status, beg for pity. And when their normal methods don't work, their subconscious goes into self-imposed medical trauma because they think that everyone has pity on people going through mental trauma. So much pity that everyone will throw aside all their other concerns to have pity on them.

Our hierarchy isn't based on pity, to say the least.

What if Trump cucks out?

"Hillary has worked very long and very hard over a long period of time, and we owe her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country. I mean that very sincerely." ~ Donald J. Trump
What if he cucks on us? What if we start hearing a lot about "The Art of the Deal"? What if that border wall never gets built?

This scenario is probably worse than a Hillary presidency. Far worse. The one thing we had going for us is that a Hillary presidency would signal that red-blooded Americans have no future in elected representatives.  Although there would probably be a civil war, there would at least be an opportunity to fight against our disenfranchisement. Politics is war by other means. When politics fails us, then war would have been one of our few options.

As a poster on the Daily Stormer said:

We are trusting him to be an honest civic nationalist and to enact good policy while pushing the overton window in a direction that psychologically prepares white people for the red pill.

But with a cucked Trump? Disaster.

We now have the highest trust in democracy than we have for years. Decades. We expect Donald to be our hammer, to smash the globalist institutions and build the wall. We've invested a lot of time to get him in office. We have crafted excellent rhetoric that is projected onto Trump.

But a Trump presidency is not a solution per se. We have so much of a sunk cost fallacy in the alt-right that few are willing to abandon him if he fails to do our will. Celebrate our victory while it's fresh, of course, but be prepared to scrutinize his every move. Just because he's in office doesn't mean our demographic and ideological issues are resolved. If he fails to secure our existence and future, we have to do it ourselves. Trump or no Trump.

We have come too far to peg all of our hopes on him. And what could our enemies wish for more, than for us to place the burden of action on Trump, waiting while he does nothing?

We have a victory, for sure. But our greatest victories were due to the groundswell of us peasants on the alt-right. Our informal network works. Let's not risk it all on a single promising man. If he cucks out and we still wait on him, we're doomed.

Divine Intervention!

Deus Vult, lads! May Trump do God's will.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Christ the King

“Thou hast made us for Thyself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in Thee.” ~The Confessions of Saint Augustine

Monday, November 7, 2016

The Last Election

This is it folks. One rigged election away from a civilizational seizure that will almost certainly end in blood. Go to the Most Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Make a good confession. Vote Trump. Everything beyond that is in God's hands. It certainly won't be fixed by another vote.

And speaking of votes, NPR itself ran a very interesting story this morning. Their guest was talking about the changing demographics of swing states, florida in particular. They noted, accurately, that if states like Florida and Texas continue to permit their massive non-white populations to vote, there will no longer be a need for presidential elections. The demographic bloc will ensure that the historical American people will be forever disenfranchised in their native land. Of course, the NPR shills painted this as a positive development for diversity. For us, war or collective suicide are the only options.

But if we get our Samson into office, we might be able to avoid that fate. We have abandoned God as a nation, and we should expect to be punished as a nation. We are also approaching the 100th anniversary of the appearance of our Lady at Fatima. Let this be an opportunity for us to beg for God's mercy. 

May God's will be done.